This article is new taxa and research of tyrannosaurs made in the year of 1994.


New TaxaEdit

  • Timimus-Timimus is the first tyrannosaur named in the Southern Hemisphere. Once thought to belong to a ornithomimid related to Struthiomimus, later studies find it as a tyrannosaur from Australia.
  • ''Tonouchisaurus''- Tonouchisaurus is a informal name given to a small tyrannosaurid. If tyrannosaurid, it would be the smallest, growing 3 ft long. This is the size of a Compsognathus.

New IchnotaxaEdit

  • Tyrannosauripus-Tyrannosauripus is a ichnogenus belonging to a tyrannosaurid, most likely Tyrannosaurus rex. It was at first mistook for a hadrosaurian due to the shape of the track.

New OotaxaEdit