2011 is a year that came before 2012 but after 2010. During this, new tyrannosaur taxon such as Zhuchengtyrannus a tyrannosaur slightly longer than a bus. This article is about these events.


New TaxaEdit

  1. Teratophoneus-Teratophoneus was named by Carr. It is compared with a newer find known as Lythronax. It was less than half the size of Tyrannosaurus rex a larger theropod that grew more than 40 feet in length.
  2. Zhuchengtyrannus-Zhuchengtyrannus was slightly smaller than the more well known Tarbosaurus. It was also more primitive than Tarbosaurus. It hunted a centrosaurine ceratopsian known as Sinoceratops. Just like Tarbosaurus it lived in Asia.
  3. Zunityrannus-Zunityrannus is a genus of undescribed tyrannosaur. It was metioned in the 2011 series, Planet Dinosaur. It was possibly related to Sinotyrannus, and Proceratosaurus.

In OotaxaEdit

In IchnotaxaEdit