Tyrannosaurs are a clade of tyrannoraptorans containing fierce meat eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, as well as smaller tyrannosaurs such as Guanlong. This article is about new taxon and research about tyrannosaurs made in 2013.


  1. Recent studies showed Eotyrannus a small tyrannosaur was actually a megaraptoran like Megaraptor.
  2. Recent studies showed Tyrannosaurus rex was a hunter not a scavenger like vultures.

New TaxaEdit

  1. Lythronax-Also known as the Gore King Lythronax was the earliest tyrannosaurids. But wasn't larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. It was found in Utah and lived after Jurassic tyrannosaurs such as Guanlong. Despite not being bigger than T.rex, it was possibly one of the largest predators of it's area.
  2. Alamotyrannus-Alamotyrannus is known for fossils in the Ojo Alamo Formation. The paper regarding it's discovery has not been published as of 2016.

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In IchnotaxaEdit