This article is about new taxa and research of tyrannosaurs made in the year of 2017.


New TaxaEdit

  • Daspletosaurus horneri-This species is the second species of Daspletosaurus named with the first being Daspletosaurus torosus. It is a important discovery as it shows that some tyrannosaurids don't have lips. It also shows they are sensitive.
  • Teihivenator-Teihivenator is the third, or possibly the fourth tyrannosaur named in the Eastern United States. It was mistook for a similar tyrannosaur Dryptosaurus. It might be a mixture of tyrannosaur, and ornithomimid remains.
  • Alioramus sinensis-now known as Qianzhousaurus
  • ''Tyrannosaur''-now known as Tyrannosaurus, and a lapsus calami

New IchnotaxaEdit

New OotaxaEdit