This article is based on new taxa, and research that will be made by the year of 2019 based on tyrannosauroids such as Tyrannosaurus rex, and Guanlong.


  • A neurocranial and paleoneurological description of Dilong will be made in 2019. It will be compared with tyrannosaurids like Albertosaurus, Dynamoterror, and Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Studies suggest Tyrannosaurus rex arms were used more than previously thought.
  • Studies show Tyrannosaurus rex bit prey with a powerful amount of force.
  • Studies of tooth replacement patterns of tyrannosaurids are made. They are based on a juvenile Tarbosaurus specimen
  • A new shark genus was given the name Galgadon. It was found in the mud of a Tyrannosaurus rex specimen known as Sue.
  • Studies showed that Tyrannosaurus rexs bite is less impressive to body size than a finch.
  • Studies show that Smok can crush bones easily like tyrannosaurids.
  • Studies in 2019 show Tyrannosaurus rex had a flexible skull.
  • Studies claim that the droppings of Tyrannosaurus rex could having helped fruit seeds spread.
  • Studies show that large tyrannosaurids were more agile than other large theropods.

New TaxaEdit

  • Moros-Moros is a genus of small tyrannosauroid known for fossils in the USA (Utah). Moros is the first tyrannosaur described in the year of 2019. It lived alongside large allosauroids from North America such as Siats. Despite being a tyrannosaur, it was not a tyrannosaurid.

New IchnotaxaEdit

New OotaxaEdit