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Tyrannosaur information
Scientific name : Alioramus remotus

Alioramus altai

Name meaning : Different Branch
Time period : Late Cretaceous
Location : Mongolia
Feathers: Probably Yes

Alioramus ('different branch') was a relatively small tyrannosaur, at about 6 metres long.

Its most distinguishable feature is the series of five small crests on its snout, as well as having a lower head compared to other tyrannosaurs. The crests are small, only a couple of centimetres tall each. The first known fossils of this tyrannosaur were found in Mongolia, and they were an incomplete skull and three metatarsals.

Alioramus had more

teeth than any other tyrannosaur; about 76-78 teeth per individual. T-Rex only had about 60 teeth.

A reconstruction of Alioramus, clearly showing the nose crests