Chomper is a young purple Tyrannosaurus from The Land Before Time series. He first appears in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure. In this film he hatches, and Littlefoot and the gang protect him from the 'egg thiefs' a pair of struthiomimus.

Chomper returns in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island. In this film he lives on a 'mysterious island' where Littlefoot and the gang end up on after running from a tsunami. His parents and a Giganotosaurus also live on this island, but Chomper protects them by hiding them in the 'stinky place', a field of stinky flowers that disguises their scent.

In the Land Before Time TV series for Boomerang, Chomper returns as a permanent character, along with the new character, Ruby. They live in the Secret Caverns, in between the Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond.

Chomper is purple, with a lighter purple underbelly. In some cases, errors have been made in which the front of his nose (normally the light-purple colour), has been dark purple, like his back.


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