Guanlong by ntamura
Tyrannosaur information
Scientific name : Guanlong wuacci
Name meaning : Crested Dragon
Time period : Late Jurassic
Location : China
Feathers: Yes
Guanlong ('crested dragon') was a small, raptor-like dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic. It is one of the earliest discovered tyrannosaurs (the other being Proceratosaurus, and both are now grouped in the same family, Tyrannnosauroids), and only about 3 metres long. It would have been an agile hunter, that attacked in packs, like raptors. It also may have had feathers.

Guanlong had several customary traits of tyrannosaurs, as well as some unusual ones. For example, it had a head crest, and three fingers on each hand, unlike later Tyrannosaurs, which had only two.

In popular culture, the raptors seen in Ice Age 3 are guanlongs. In Ice Age 3, the guanlongs have quill-like feathers that they really had. Guanlong has also appeared in a couple of dinosaur documentaries, the first one being Dino Death Trap. In this documentary several guanlong skeletons were found, piled on top of each other. In Dinosaur Revolution, a pair of Guanlongs chase various reptiles before being eaten by prehistoric crocodiles.