Tarbosaurus, meaning Alarming   Lizard', is a relative of T-Rex, but comes

Tyrannosaur information
Scientific name : Tarbosaurus bataar
Name meaning : Alarming Lizard
Time period : Late Cretaceous
Location : Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan
Feathers: As a baby, possibly in males as adults
from Mongolia, Asia, about 70 million years ago. It and T-Rex are so similar some scientists believe they are actually the same genus, but different type species.

Tarbosaurus could reach 12 metres long, and weigh 5 tonnes, making it marginally smaller than T-Rex. It shared its hunting ground with raptors such as Velociraptor, and prey such as Protoceratops and Euoplocephalus, though the first would probably be too small to make a meal for a Tarbosaurus, as well as fellow tyrannosaur Alioramus


There is almost no difference between T-Rex and Tarbosaurus

Tarbosaurus would also have hunted the hadrosaur Saurolophus, the sauropod
Tarbosaurus walking with dinosaurs

Tarbosaurus in Chased By Dinosaurs

Nemegtosaurus, and the theropod Therizinosaurus. Tarbosaurus would probably have been the bully of Mongolia, scaring raptors away fr

om their kill and eating it. T-Rex may have exhibited similar behaviour.

Tarbosaurus isn't as famous as its North American cousin, but has Tarbosaurus (Walking with Dinosaurs)

Feathered tarbosaurus

appeared in an episode of 'The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs'. It was demonstrated in that episode that a  Ankylosaur could indeed snap a Tarbosaurus leg bone by swinging its tail club into it. Tarbosaurus also appeared in Chased By Dinosaurs. It was seen hunting Therizinosaurus, but when it attacked, the Therizinosaurus clawed it on the side of the head, and it retreated to avoid further injury.